Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just an explanation of why I am here....

Hello everyone,
I am first going to start out by telling everyone my name, it's Ashley. I want to also explain the name of my blog. It is Kallisti's Korner. The reason for that name is because Kallisti means the fairest of them all. It runs off a greek goddess named Eris to whom was the goddess of chaos, translated into latin her names is Discordia. The movie sleeping beauty is partly inspired by the goddess Eris. The golden apple is a symbol of the whole story of Eris.
So practically the reasoning for me naming this blog Kallisti's Korner because I want this to be a little korner (I know it's not spelled right I was trying to keep it cute with the K) of beauty for all women of every size, race, shape, culture and style. I am mostly going to be doing beauty product reviews, for instance makeup, hair product and possibly some DIY blogs. I want to inspire others to find inner beauty by finding the goddess in themselves. Everyone in this world is different so this blog is not going to be geared towards one type of person. I will do my best to vary the things that I talk about but if you have any request please feel free to ask.

I live in PA in a small town. I was born and raised in Allentown PA and I am very thankful to no longer live in the city. I live with my boyfriend to whom is the kindest most generous and understanding man I have ever met. I have a 4 year old little girl who is the apple of my eye. My boyfriend is not her father but he is getting better and better taking on a father role in her life. We have 1 cat, her name is Discordia go figure right LOL. She is a holy terror and drives me completely nuts on a daily basis! I would rather have 3 more kids then deal with her 1 more day. On another note she is beautiful, she is all white with 1 blue eye and 1 green eye. I am not being sarcastic when I say she is a terror! She literally bounces off the walls all day, kind of like a free style walker. BUT this is my family and I love them all very much.

I am a nurse. I haven't been working very much lately and I am looking for another job but for now I have a lot of time on my hands to do this blog. I love my job but I am returning to college very school to finish up my RN so that my family and I can live a good life.
I am going through a lot in my life and would rather no discuss that on here but I have been through hell and back in the past 2 years and I would give ANYTHING to turn back time and change the mistakes that I made. I seem to be a bit angry and depressed lately because of the challenges I am facing to repair all the damage that I caused. I was never an anger person in my life so I am hoping that I can return to my normal self after I have repaired the damage that has been done. I don't know if that will happen because I think there is deep scaring in my soul.
I am now 26 and feel like I have lived the life of a 40 year old, yet most people tell me I look like I am 19. I have very dear friends that have stuck by my side through all the terrible things that have happened, that's how you know that they are true friends!

I am a natural blond! I tell everyone my natural hair color looks like spun gold.

I dye my hair black because I like to... I like to change this up with my look a lot. I recently had black and red hair and just tonight I went back to all black because my hair was looking dingy.

I have my septum pierced because it's something that I have always like. I tuck it up while I am at work. I did have the left side of my lip pierced but I recently had to take it out because I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I have 10 tattoos and they are going to keep on coming. I have tear drops on my fingers (NO I am NOT a gangster nor did I kill anyone, it's a long story but nothing violent) I have my daughters name across my inner right wrist and her middle name on my inner left wrist so when other read it from right to left it read Abigail Rose. I have a skull with a human heart as it's brain on my right inner fore arm, this mean I wear my heart on my sleeve and I think with my heart. I just started another series on my upper right arm to shoulder and that is a skull surrounded with flowers including my birth flower my daughters and my boyfriends. I have 3 stars from big to small down the sides of my neck on both sides. I have a fairy on my back (that needs to get covered) that's a bad tattoo from when I was 16 and last my never LEAST some Chinese writing on my lower back that will be covered when I start the work on my sides. I am trying to finish my sleeve then move on to my sides, 1 on my leg or more LOL and my chest. I am sure I will figure out many more to get after those are finishes. I love tattooing although my family hates it. My daughter says she wants to be just like me when she gets older and it terrifies me!

I will be writing many makeup reviews on here. These are products that I have bought with my own money, they were not given to me what so ever! I am also going to do reviews on hair products and some cooking recipes that have been passed down in my family that I think others may like. I may add in a few DIY projects some days as well.

If you have any questions and or requests please let me know.

Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me and what I want to do with this blog.

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  1. I had no idea we had so much in common. We'll have to chat about it sometime. :D